Register USPTO Trademark
Serial Number 88535734
Status Registered
Filing Date 2019-07-25
Publication Date 2020-03-03
Registration Date 2020-11-17
Owner Xiamen Youjing E-commerce Co., Ltd. (China)
NICE Classes  ? 21 - HouseHold or kitchen utensils, containers and materials; glassware; porcelain; earthenware

Goods & Services

Dog food scoops; Kitchen containers; Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Kitchen ladles; Kitchen mitts; Kitchen sponges; Kitchen urns; Kitchen utensil crocks; Kitchen utensils, namely, pouring and straining spouts; Kitchen utensils, namely, splatter screens; Make-up brush holders; Make-up brushes; Nozzles for watering hose; Pepper pots; Wine glasses; Wine openers; Abrasive pads for kitchen or domestic purposes; Abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; Chopping boards for kitchen use; Containers for household or kitchen use; Crushers for kitchen use, non-electric; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Dishers; Funnels for kitchen use; Household utensils, namely, kitchen tongs; Ladles, for kitchen use; Mortars for kitchen use; Non-electric crushers for kitchen use; Pestles for kitchen use; Rotating holders for kitchen utensils; Spatulas for kitchen use; Wood chopping boards for kitchen use