Register USPTO Trademark
Serial Number 87895396
Status Pending
Filing Date 2018-04-27
Publication Date 2018-11-27
Owner Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NICE Classes  ? 41 - Education, entertainment, sporting and cultural services

Goods & Services

Entertainment services, namely, providing online electronic games; Entertainment services, namely, providing images and sounds in the form of online non-downloadable electronic games, and related non-downloadable electronic game screen shots and videos; Entertainment services, namely, providing non-downloadable pre-recorded music, videos in the field of video games, ongoing TV shows in the field of animated cartoons, and movies; Entertainment services, namely, providing a website featuring entertainment information in the field of video games, trading card games, TV shows and movies; Entertainment services, namely, movie showing; Entertainment services, namely, production and distribution of television shows and movies; Entertainment services in the nature of ongoing television programs and movies in the field of children's entertainment; Providing entertainment information on video games, trading card games, related video and trading card gaming products; Providing entertainment information on music, animated cartoons, and movies; Providing non-downloadable electronic publications, namely, newsletters, magazines, manuals, online journals and interactive online blogs featuring user generated or specified content in the field of video games, trading card games, animated cartoons and movies; Organizing, arranging, and conducting video game events, card game events, and social entertainment events