Register USPTO Trademark
Serial Number 85952171
Status Registered
Filing Date 2013-06-06
Publication Date 2014-05-06
Registration Date 2014-11-25
Owner OMRON Corporation (Japan)
NICE Classes  ? 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments

Goods & Services

Electronic sensing apparatus, namely, displacement sensors, visual sensors, image sensors, safety sensors, electric sensors, movement sensors, proximity sensors; measurement sensors; image processing inspection apparatus, namely, apparatus comprised of electronic sensors and software for processing images; photoelectric sensors; safety sensors, namely, sensors used for detecting the intrusion of fingers, arms or human bodies into hazardous areas in terms of safety; inspection machines for printed circuit boards (PCBs), namely, machines that inspect and analyse PCBs to identify irregularities and defects; apparatus and instruments for inspecting and analysing sheets of paper, cloth, film, metal and glass to identify irregularities and defects; electric monitoring apparatus for traffic and security, namely, sensors that detect breaches of security and break-ins, sensors for scanning vehicle number plates, systems for detecting vehicle movement including movement in reverse, and security camera systems; security monitoring apparatus consisting of transmitters, receivers, sensors, and computer network; remote control apparatus for electric monitoring apparatus for traffic and security; digital cameras; phototelegraphy apparatus, namely, digital camera phones and photoelectric sensors; measuring devices for measuring distance between cars by using laser beam; radar devices for sensing distance between cars; sensors for measuring incidence of light from outside of car; computer network hubs to build the network in the field of industrial automation; electronic face authentication apparatus for recognizing faces, detecting faces and processing facial images; computer software for recognizing faces, detecting faces and processing facial images; integrated circuit modules for recognizing faces, detecting faces and processing facial images; electronic sensors for recognizing faces, detecting faces and processing facial images; large scale integrated circuits; computer printers; digital cameras and digital video cameras; video display screens for digital cameras, digital video cameras, cellular phones, computers and video game machines; cellular phones; cellular phone software for certifying faces, detecting faces and revising facial images; vehicle operator monitoring apparatus, namely, a monitoring system comprised of sensors, software, digital video cameras and displays for watching drivers' eyes, facial conditions and facial directions in order to monitor safe driving skills; computer game software for computers, cellular phones and video game machines; computer software for operating automated industrial devices; downloadable computer software for saving and management of data; downloadable computer software for capturing, organizing, searching, storing, synchronizing, recognizing, sharing and transmitting any number of typed, handwritten, or imaged notes or clippings on multiple computer and network platforms; downloadable computer software for optical character reading; computers; computer peripheral devices; computer hardware; computer operating programs; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images