Register USPTO Trademark
Serial Number 79333077
Status Registered
Filing Date 2021-11-15
Publication Date 2022-06-28
Registration Date 2022-09-13
Owner LG Corp. (Republic of Korea)
NICE Classes  ? 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments

Goods & Services

Electric instrument panels being luminescent display panels; televisions; digital signage monitors; digital signage display panels; radio and television apparatus; television apparatus for projection purposes; TV monitors; wearable computers in the nature of smartglasses and smartwatches; telecommunication apparatus for use in cars; communication apparatus for cars with built-in transparent organic light emitting diode; navigation apparatus for vehicles being on-board computers; portable communications apparatus in the nature of smartphones and two-way radios; LED monitors; PC monitors; personal computers; notebook computers and laptop computers; display panels, namely, flexible flat panel displays for computers; organic light emitting diodes; OLED (organic light emitting diode) display panels; LED (light emitting diode) displays; hologram apparatus; computer monitors; smartphones