Register EUIPO Trademark
Application Number 018206191
Status Pending
Filing Date 2020-03-04
Owner Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (USA)
NICE Classes  ? 30 - Basic staples

Goods & Services

Cookies; crackers; breakfast cereal; bubble gum; chewing gum; cake decorations made of candy; frozen confections; frozen yogurt; ice cream; pretzels; peanut butter confectionery chips; malt biscuits; sugar confectionery, namely candy, candy bars, candy mints, candy coated and caramel popcorn, and candy decorations for cakes; rice cakes; pastilles; pastries; biscuits and bread; coffee beverages with milk; cocoa beverages with milk, chocolate-based beverages, coffee and coffee-based beverages, cocoa and cocoa-based beverages; tea, namely, ginseng tea, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, barley and barley-leaf tea; meat tenderizers for household purposes; binding agents for ice-cream; pasta; fruit sauces; chocolate; chocolate confectionery; chocolate decorations for Christmas trees; cakes; cake preparations; edible decorations for cake; popcorn; flavoured popcorn; cereal based snack foods; crispbread snacks; flour based savory snacks; corn chips; tortillas; frozen meals consisting primarily of pasta, frozen meals consisting primarily of rice, noodlebased prepared meals, pasta-based prepared meals, prepared meals consisting primarily of pasta, prepared meals consisting primarily of rice, prepared meals in the form of pizzas, all included in Class 30; canned pasta foods; processed ginseng.