Creo Dynamics

Register EUIPO Trademark
Application Number 017877890
Status Registered
Filing Date 2018-03-20
Registration Date 2018-06-30
Owner Faurecia Intérieur Industrie (France)
NICE Classes  ?
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 11 - Environmental control apparatus
  • 12 - Land, air and water vehicles; parts of land vehicles
  • 35 - Advertising and business services
  • 42 - Scientific, technological and industrial services, research and design

Goods & Services

Computers for managing control devices for aircraft; Noise cancellation software; Computer applications for automotive control; Electrical engineering software; Computer applications for automated car parking control; Flight simulators for aircraft; Mechanical engineering software; Computers for autonomous-driving vehicles; Computer applications for car automatic driving control; Aeronautical radio communication machines and apparatus; Hydraulic system testing units; Computer software to operate vehicles; Computer applications for car audio video navigation; Autonomous driving control systems for vehicles; Software; Aeronautical communications apparatus. Air curtains for ventilation; Air curtains. Apparatus for locomotion by land; Aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances; Air deflectors for vehicles. Compilation of statistical data for use in scientific research. Software creation; Conducting technical project studies for construction projects; Research in the field of technology provided by engineers; Air flow component testing services; Research and development services; Consultancy services relating to product engineering; Research in instrumentation; Research laboratories; Research relating to technology; Design of computer programs and software relating to aircraft; Testing of vehicles; Quality control; Mechanical research; Material testing; Technical testing services; Physics [research]; Software engineering; Industrial research; Research relating to mechanical engineering; Engineering testing; Science and technology services; Testing of electronic data processing systems; Computer software research; Engineering research; Research in the field of science provided by engineers; Component testing; Industrial testing; Technical research; Inspection of apparatus; Testing of computers; Testing services for alarm and monitoring systems; Design of vehicles and vehicle parts and components; Product research and development; Automotive inspections; Software development, programming and implementation; Scientific research; Product research; Research in the field of electrical engineering; Software development; Research services; Conducting engineering surveys; Application system testing consultancy.