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Register CIPO Trademark
Application Number 203997200
Status Registered
Filing Date 2020-05-11
Publication Date 2022-06-29
Registration Date 2022-09-21
NICE Classes  ? 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments

Goods & Services

(1) Computers; computer mouse; computer display screens; recorded computer operating system software; notebook computers; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of magazines; downloadable computer programmes for document management; downloadable computer programs for image processing; downloadable computer programs for processing digital music files; computer game software, downloadable; USB flash drives; tablet computers; smartglasses; smartwatches; interactive touch screen terminals; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; smart rings; downloadable software applications for smartphones to enable the streaming of movies and television shows; downloadable software applications for smartphones to enable the streaming of music; downloadable software applications for smartphones to read periodicals; downloadable software applications for smartphones to take and edit photographs; downloadable software applications for smartphones to download music, movie and television graphics; downloadable software applications for smartphones to download video games; personal digital assistants [PDAS]; downloadable computer software platforms for application development, web hosting, database management; wearable computers; virtual reality game software; LCD monitors; LED displays; USB card readers; pedometers; facial recognition devices in the nature of thermal imaging cameras; transmitters of electronic signals, namely, radio, satellite, and television transmitters; intercoms; telephone sets; global positioning system (GPS) receivers; smart phones; mobile telephones; cell phones; computer network adapters; wearable activity trackers; cases for smart phones; protective films adapted for smartphone screens; selfie sticks for use with smartphones; stands adapted for mobile phones; gps navigation apparatus for vehicles in the form of on-board computers; in-car telephone handset cradles; boom poles for sound transmission apparatus; portable MP3 players; e-book readers; earphones; virtual reality headsets; wearable video display monitors; HD (high definition) televisions; DMB (digital multimedia broadcasting) televisions; hand-held monopods; selfie lenses; audiovisual receivers for teaching language training; electric wires; usb cables; semi-conductors; electronic chips for the manufacture of integrated circuits; electric plugs; video screens; remote controls for television; optical fibres; electrical control systems for heating systems; eyeglasses; batteries for mobile phones; rechargeable batteries for cell phones; wireless chargers for smartphones; USB chargers; video disks and video tapes with recorded animated cartoons; optical lenses; gesture recognition software; biometric retinal scanners; ear pads for headphones.