Register CIPO Trademark
Application Number 199359600
Status Pending
Filing Date 2019-09-24
NICE Classes  ?
  • 12 - Land, air and water vehicles; parts of land vehicles
  • 25 - Clothing; footwear; headgear
  • 28 - Games; toys; sports equipment

Goods & Services

(1) Electric locomotives; electric cars; electric bicycles; aircraft; motor cars; electrically powered motor vehicles; driverless cars; self-driving cars; driving motors for land vehicles; motorcycles; bicycles; shopping trolleys; two-wheeled trolleys; wheelchairs; solid tires for vehicle wheels; aerial conveyors; camera drones; water bikes; upholstery for vehicles. (2) Smocks; Tee-shirts; coats; sports jerseys; baseball uniforms; football uniforms; hockey uniforms; judo uniforms; karate uniforms; martial arts uniforms; nurses' uniforms; athletic clothing; baby clothing; business clothing; dress clothing; outdoor winter clothing; ski clothing; sun protective clothing; outerwear jackets; baby layettes for clothing; waterproof jackets and pants; athletic footwear; children's footwear; climbing footwear; rain footwear; hats; hosiery; gloves; scarves; girdles. (3) Arcade games; backgammon games; board games; card games; protective films adapted for screens for portable games; coin-operated arcade video game machines; home video game machines; video game consoles; radio-controlled toy helicopters; dolls; plush toys; toy models; stacking toys; toy bears; toy boats; toy building blocks; toy aircraft; toy drones; toy robots; playing cards; exercise balls; exercise treadmills; leg weights for exercise; stair-stepping machines for exercise; soccer goal nets; tables for table football; fishing tackle; electronic educational game machines designed for children.