Register CIPO Trademark
Application Number 196518800
Status Pending
Filing Date 2019-05-28
NICE Classes  ? 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments

Goods & Services

(1) Computers; Computer screen saver software, recorded; Downloadable electronic publications in the nature of magazines; Downloadable computer programmes for document management; Downloadable computer programs for image processing; Recorded computer game software; USB flash drives; Smartglasses; Smartwatches; Interactive touch screen terminals; Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; Computer software that allows transmission of graphics to mobile telephones; Downloadable applications for mobile phones to take and edit photographs; Downloadable applications for mobiles phones to download music, movie and television graphics; Wearable computers; Virtual reality game software; Pedometers; Face recognition devices; Bathroom scales; luminous signs; Intercoms; Telephone sets; Global positioning system (GPS) receivers; Global positioning system (GPS) transmitters; Smart phones; Mobile telephones; Cell phones; Computer network hubs, switches and routers; Wearable activity trackers; Cases for smartphones; Protective films adapted for smart phones; Telecommunication apparatus in the form of jewellery; Selfie sticks for use with smartphones; GPS navigation device; Boom poles for sound transmission apparatus; Mp4 players; E-book readers; Earphones; Virtual reality headsets; Wearable video display monitors; HD (High Definition) televisions; Laser measuring tapes; Audiovisual receivers for teaching language training; Electric wires; USB cables; Electronic chips for the manufacture of integrated circuits; Electric plugs; Video screens; Remote controls for televisions; Optical fibres; Burglar alarms, electric; Eyeglasses; Batteries for mobile phones; Portable power supply in the nature of rechargeable power banks for use with cellular phones; Optical lenses; Gesture recognition software; Biometric retinal scanners; Ear pads for headphones.