Register CIPO Trademark
Application Number 196156400
Status Pending
Filing Date 2019-05-07
Owner Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NICE Classes  ?
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 16 - Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials
  • 21 - HouseHold or kitchen utensils, containers and materials; glassware; porcelain; earthenware
  • 25 - Clothing; footwear; headgear
  • 28 - Games; toys; sports equipment
  • 30 - Basic staples, tea, coffee, baked goods and confectionery

Goods & Services

(1) Video games for arcade video game machines; downloadable video games for arcade video game machines; data storage devices recorded with programs for arcade video game machines; battery chargers; rechargeable batteries; accumulators and batteries; headphones; earphones; personal digital assistants in the shape of a watch; smartphones in the shape of a watch; smartphones; cases for smartphones; covers for smartphones; protective films adapted for smartphones; computer games; downloadable computer games; programs for smartphones; downloadable programs for smartphones; integrated circuit cards and smart cards; covers for tablet computers; mouse pads; sleeves for laptops; video games for consumer video game machines; downloadable video games for consumer video game machines; data storage devices recorded with programs for consumer video game machines; video games for hand-held electronic game machines; downloadable video games for hand-held electronic game machines; data storage devices recorded with programs for hand-held electronic game machines; electronic video games; video games; downloadable video games; spectacles, eyeglasses and goggles; sunglasses; case for eyeglasses; downloadable image files; musical video recordings; downloadable music files; musical sound recordings; electronic publications; cinematographic film, exposed; pre-recorded motion picture films; pre-recorded DVDs (2) Bags, envelopes, and pouches of paper and plastics, for packaging; paper bags and sacks; boxes of paper and cardboard; plastic film for wrapping; wrapping paper; coasters of paper; place mats of paper; table napkins of paper; table cloths of paper; stationery; greeting cards; note books; pencils; stickers; pen cases; paint boxes; pens; rubber erasers; writing implements, namely writing instruments; printed matter; posters; calendars; books; graphic reproductions; paintings, framed and unframed; photograph stands; office requisites, except furniture; pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric (3) Cosmetic and toilet utensils; tooth brushes, non-electric; kitchen utensils and kitchen containers excluding gas water heaters for household use, non-electric cooking heaters for household purposes, kitchen worktops and kitchen sinks; cookie jars; glass bowls; mugs; cups; dishes and plates; soup bowls; lunch-boxes; paper plates; drinking flasks for travellers; drinking bottles for sports; vacuum bottles and insulated flasks; chopsticks; chopstick cases; drinking straws; trays for household purposes; coasters, not of paper or textile; waste paper baskets; feeding vessels for pets; soap holders and dishes for soap (4) Clothing, namely dresses, shirts, shorts and hoodies; tee-shirts; polo shirts; sweat shirts; parkas; jackets; raincoats; trousers; sweat pants; smocks; skirts; pajamas; underwear and underclothing; swimwear and bathing suits; knitted underwear; hosiery; socks; neck scarfs and mufflers; ear muffs; gloves; mittens; leggings and leg warmers; headgear for wear; cap peaks; belts for clothing; footwear; sports shoes; rain boots; beach shoes; slippers; masquerade costumes; costumes for use in role-playing games; Halloween costumes (5) Tea; tea-based beverages; prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages; prepared cocoa and cocoa-based beverages; confectionery; pastries; candy; ice cream; cookies; chocolate; popcorn; chewing gums; bread and buns; sandwiches; hamburger sandwiches; pizzas; pies; western-style confectionery; condiments and seasonings; ketchup; dressings for salad; ice cream mixes; sherbet mixes; cereal preparations; oatmeal; corn flakes; pasta; noodles; instant confectionery mixes; instant jelly mixes; instant pancake mixes; pasta sauce