Register CIPO Trademark
Application Number 194300800
Status Registered
Filing Date 2019-01-28
Publication Date 2022-05-18
Registration Date 2023-01-11
Owner Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. (China)
NICE Classes  ? 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments

Goods & Services

(1) Tablet computer; Computer programs for network management; Computer programs for word processing; Computer programs for use in teaching children to read; Computer programs for using the Internet and the World Wide Web; Computer games; Computer video games; Computer software for creating computer games; Computer keyboards; Computers; Blank flash memory cards; Computer disc drives; Computer memory expansion modules; External computer hard drives; Flash memory cards; Random access memory cards; Secure digital (SD) memory cards; Blank diskettes; Blank floppy computer discs; Blank floppy discs; Floppy disk drives; Computer programs for processing digital music files; Downloadable computer programs featuring position able game piece figures for use in computer games; Computer application software for mobile phones, namely, software for photograph sharing services and social interaction in the nature of social networking, dating, developing games and playing games, making dining reservations and viewing restaurant ratings, calorie counting, tracking product delivery, math instruction, reading instruction, spelling instruction, history instruction, language instruction, traffic and location guidance, products reviews and sourcing, information on entertainment and sports events, entertainment and sports events ticketing, child and pet locating, language translation, providing information on medical services and treatment, information on art, financial investment advice, information on style and fashion, matching and viewing clothing styles together, accessing workout routines, currency conversion, planning vacations, retrieving information on weather conditions, event calendaring, and personal and home security monitoring; Computer application software for mobile phones, smart watches, and smart bands, namely, software for use in instant messaging between mobile devices, smart watches, and smart bands; Smart watches; Smartglasses; Interactive touch screen terminals; Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; Wearable computers; Gesture recognition software; Virtual reality games; Software for creating virtual reality games; 3D scanners; Barcode scanner; Computer scanners; Digital input and output scanners; Image scanners; Laser scanners; Optical scanners; Fingerprint scanners; Facsimile machines; Navigation apparatus for vehicles in the form of on-board computers; Navigation computers for cars; GPS receivers; Wearable activity trackers; Smart phones; Cases for smartphones; Protective films adapted for smartphones; Cases for cell phone; Cell phone straps; Keyboards for cellular phones; Audio speakers; Computer speakers; Loud speakers; Portable DVD players; Portable MP3 players; Wireless earphones adapted for smartphone; Ear buds; Ear phones; Earbuds; Earphones; Educational software for children; Laptop computers for children for educational purposes; Smart watches for educational purposes; Camcorders; Virtual reality headsets; Security surveillance robots; Cameras; Selfie stick; Selfie sticks for use with digital cameras; Selfie sticks for use with smartphones; Handheld monopod; Monopods for cameras; USB cables; Blank integrated circuit cards; Computer chips; Electronic chips for the manufacture of integrated circuits; Electronic integrated circuits; Integrated circuit identification cards; Integrated circuits; Large scale integrated circuits; Printed circuit boards incorporating integrated circuits; Semiconductor chips; Semiconductor integrated circuits; Silicon chips; Touch screens; Batteries for cell phones; Batteries for electronic cigarettes; Batteries for electronic cigars; Batteries for hearing aids; Batteries for mobile phones; Batteries for pocket lamps; Camera batteries; Electric batteries for vehicles; Galvanic batteries; General purpose batteries; High tension batteries; Ignition batteries; Lithium secondary batteries; Nickel-cadmium storage batteries; Watch batteries; Chargers for electric batteries for mobile phones; Portable power banks for charging smartphones, camcorders, cameras and tablet computers; Prerecorded video cassettes featuring cartoons; Video disks with recorded animated cartoons; Particle counters for measuring air quality; Apparatus for measuring the speed of golf swing; Apparatus for measuring the thickness of skins; Appliances for measuring the thickness of leather; Electromagnetic measuring detectors; Electronic sensors for measuring solar radiation; Instruments for measuring milk quality parameters; Laser measuring tapes; Level measuring machines for surveying; Spirit measures; Tyre-pressure measurers; Acoustic meters; Decibel meters; Digital pH meters; Electricity meters; Exposure meters; Frequency meters; Noise level meters; Sound level meters; Vibration meters; Biochip sensors.