Register CIPO Trademark
Application Number 089233000
Status Registered
Filing Date 1998-10-05
Publication Date 1999-12-22
Registration Date 2003-05-13
Owner The Boeing Company (USA)
NICE Classes  ?
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 12 - Vehicles
  • 16 - Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials
  • 18 - Leather and imitations of leather
  • 21 - HouseHold or kitchen utensils, containers and materials; glassware; porcelain; earthenware
  • 24 - Textiles and textile goods
  • 25 - Clothing; footwear; headgear
  • 26 - Fanciful or novelty items; sewing notions
  • 28 - Games; toys; sports equipment
  • 35 - Advertising; business
  • 37 - Building; repairs
  • 40 - Treatment of materials
  • 41 - Education; entertainment
  • 42 - Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software.

Goods & Services

(1) Aircraft and structural parts and manuals therefor. (2) Pre-recorded video tapes. (3) Books, calendars, stickers, posters, photographs, postcards. (4) Fanny packs, briefcases, tote bags, travel bags, luggage tags, wallets, luggage, backpacks, duffel bags, umbrellas, utility bags, cooler bags and jackets. (5) Coffee mugs, travel mugs, ceramic mugs, plastic mugs, glass mugs. (6) Towels and blankets. (7) Shorts, caps, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, polo shirts, rugby shirts, button-down shirts, vests, sleeveless shirts, mock neck shirts, and tank tops. (8) Patches to be worn on clothing. (9) Golf clubs, golf bags, toy and model airplanes, beanie airplanes, balsa wood gliders, aero kits, namely, building blocks for making model planes, metal crafted models, and globe stress balls. (1) Repair and maintenance of aircraft and aircraft parts. (2) Computer services, namely, providing on-line books, manuals, magazines, guides, forms, illustrations and technical data packages in the field of aircraft parts, avionics, and maintenance, operation, repair, and training associated with aircraft and aerospace products, parts and support equipment; technical consultation and assistance related to the design, manufacture, certification, operation, maintenance, repair, overhaul, or modification of aircraft and aircraft parts.