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Application Number US2021043779
Publication Number 2023/009129
Status In Force
Filing Date 2021-07-29
Publication Date 2023-02-02
  • Doran, John
  • Alegre Lopez, Miguel Angel
  • Mckinney, Richard
  • Bravo De Vega, Jose Francisco


An example support for a fluid container is described, comprising a bracket comprising a U-shaped cross section and a strain gauge attached on a web of the U-shaped cross section of the bracket, between a mounting portion for attaching the bracket to a printing apparatus and a bearing portion for attaching a fluid container to the bracket. An example method for determining the amount of fluid in a container is also described, comprising measuring with a strain gauge a strain occurring at the web of a U-shaped bracket, the U-shaped bracket having a wing for attachment to a printing apparatus and a wing for carrying a fluid container; and determining the amount of fluid in the fluid container based on the measured strain.

IPC Classes  ?

  • B41J 2/175 - Ink supply systems
  • G01G 3/12 - Weighing apparatus characterised by the use of elastically-deformable members, e.g. spring balances wherein the weighing element is in the form of a solid body stressed by pressure or tension during weighing
  • B41L 27/04 - Ducts, containers, supply devices or ink-level control devices
  • B41F 31/02 - Ducts, containers, supply or metering devices