Register WIPO Patent
Application Number US2021042444
Publication Number 2023/003544
Status In Force
Filing Date 2021-07-20
Publication Date 2023-01-26
  • Kei, King Sui
  • Tang, Yun David
  • Villegas, Ann Alejandro
  • Lim, Hui Leng
  • Tam, Alan Man Pan


In some examples, an electronic device includes an audio input device, an image sensor, and a processor. The processor is to identify a verbal cue in an audio signal received via the audio input device. In response to the verbal cue satisfying a criterion, the processor is to identify a gesture in a video signal received via the image sensor. The processor is to control, based on the identification of the gesture, an executable code, the executable code to cause the processor to communicate with another electronic device to exit a virtual meeting.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G06F 3/0488 - Interaction techniques based on graphical user interfaces [GUI] using specific features provided by the input device, e.g. functions controlled by the rotation of a mouse with dual sensing arrangements, or of the nature of the input device, e.g. tap gestures based on pressure sensed by a digitiser using a touch-screen or digitiser, e.g. input of commands through traced gestures
  • G06V 40/20 - Movements or behaviour, e.g. gesture recognition