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Application Number US2020017339
Publication Number 2020/163801
Status In Force
Filing Date 2020-02-07
Publication Date 2020-08-13
  • Lake-Schaal, Gary
  • Chappell, Arvel
  • Allison, Pamela J.
  • Ostrover, Lewis
  • Zajac, William
  • Buenaventura, Lea Carla L.
  • Abhyankar, Prashant
  • Morris, Genevieve


A smart media player configures interactive media customized for passengers temporarily sharing a common conveyance (e.g., an automobile or other vehicle), using programmed methods. The methods include identifying profile data for each of the passengers and trip data for the common conveyance. Then, the smart media player may select an interactive media title for the passengers as a group based on at least one of the profile data or the trip data, including one or more of a variety of games for playing with other passengers in the vehicle. The interactive media title may be configured for output by the smart media player while the passengers are sharing the common conveyance. The media player plays the interactive media title in the common conveyance enabled for interaction with the passengers during the period.

IPC Classes  ?

  • A63F 13/45 - Controlling the progress of the video game
  • A63F 13/79 - Game security or game management aspects involving player-related data, e.g. identities, accounts, preferences or play histories
  • A63F 13/216 - Input arrangements for video game devices characterised by their sensors, purposes or types using geographical information, e.g. location of the game device or player using GPS
  • A63F 13/30 - Interconnection arrangements between game servers and game devices; Interconnection arrangements between game devices; Interconnection arrangements between game servers