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Application Number US2019065095
Publication Number 2020/118273
Status In Force
Filing Date 2019-12-06
Publication Date 2020-06-11
  • Herz, Justin
  • Zajac, William
  • Nguyen, Ha
  • Chappell, Arvel
  • Gewickey, Gregory
  • Allison, Pamela J.
  • Brahma, Rana
  • Abhyankar, Prashant
  • Zink, Michael
  • Novak, Shaun


Methods and apparatus for personalizing a vehicle with a sensory output device include receiving, by one or more processors, a signal indicating an identity or passenger profile of a detected passenger in or boarding the vehicle, accessing preference data and geographic location data for the passenger, and selecting sensory content for delivery to the passenger in the vehicle based on the preference data and geographic location data. Methods and apparatus for producing video customized for a preference profile of a person or cohort include associating each of stored video clips with a set of characteristic parameters relating to user-perceivable characteristics, receiving user profile data relating to the person or cohort, selecting video clips from the data structure based at least partly on the user profile data, and automatically producing a video including the preferred video clips.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G06Q 50/10 - Services
  • H04N 21/414 - Specialised client platforms, e.g. receiver in car or embedded in a mobile appliance
  • H04N 21/45 - Management operations performed by the client for facilitating the reception of or the interaction with the content or administrating data related to the end-user or to the client device itself, e.g. learning user preferences for recommending movies