Register WIPO Patent
Application Number NO2010000108
Publication Number 2010/107324
Status In Force
Filing Date 2010-03-19
Publication Date 2010-09-23
Owner TECHNI AS (Norway)
  • Berntsen, Magnus
  • Ghose, Rahul
  • Menzies, Steven
  • Nihei, Michael, M.
  • Petersen, David, Christian


The present invention relates to a universal rail (1), wherein the universal rail (1), along its length, is configured with a plurality of through holes (2) and attachment points (4) for ancillary equipment, and wherein the universal rail (1), by means of suitable fastening means, can be fastened to a firearm. At least one attachment point (4) comprises a power and/or signal connection point (5), the power and/or signal connection point (5) consisting of two contact pins (6) surrounded by a seal (8), a spring device (7) and inner contact points (9). In that the spring device (7) exerts pressure on the contact pins (6), the contact pins (6) will be brought out of engagement with the inner contact points (9) when ancillary equipment is not fastened to the attachment point (4). The inner contact faces (9) are further connected to current conductors which extend in the longitudinal direction of the universal rail (1).

IPC Classes  ?

  • F41C 23/16 - Forestocks; Handgrips; Hand guards
  • F41G 11/00 - WEAPON SIGHTS; AIMING - Details of sighting or aiming apparatus; Accessories