Versatile mobile robotic device

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16389797
Grant Number 11454981
Status In Force
Filing Date 2019-04-19
First Publication Date 2022-09-27
Publication Date 2022-09-27
Grant Date 2022-09-27
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
  • Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Ali
  • Fath, Lukas
  • Zhang, Chen


Provided is a robotic device, including: a chassis; a set of wheels; one or more motors to drive the set of wheels; a suspension system; a controller in communication with the one or more motors; at least one sensor; a camera; one or more processors; a tangible, non-transitory, machine readable medium storing instructions that when executed by the one or more processors effectuate operations including: capturing, with the camera, spatial data of surroundings; generating, with the one or more processors, a spatial model of the surroundings based on the spatial data; generating, with the one or more processors, a movement path based on the spatial model of the surroundings; inferring, with the one or more processors, a location of the robotic device; and updating, with the one or more processors, the movement path to exclude locations of the movement path that the robotic device has previously been located.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G05D 1/02 - Control of position or course in two dimensions
  • B25J 5/00 - Manipulators mounted on wheels or on carriages
  • B25J 9/00 - Programme-controlled manipulators