Autonomous versatile vehicle system

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 17577219
Grant Number 11427266
Status In Force
Filing Date 2022-01-17
First Publication Date 2022-08-30
Publication Date 2022-08-30
Grant Date 2022-08-30
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
  • Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Ali
  • Fath, Lukas
  • Fathi Djalali, Shahin


A system for robotic collaboration, including: a first robotic chassis and a second robotic chassis, each including wheels; a control system; a power supply; at least one sensor; a processor, and a medium storing instructions that when executed by the respective processor effectuates operations including: capturing data of an environment and data indicative of movement; generating a map of the environment based on at least some of the captured data; inferring a current location of the respective robotic chassis based on at least some of the captured data; and executing a portion of a task, the second robotic chassis executing a second part of the task after the first robotic chassis completes a first part of the task.

IPC Classes  ?

  • B62D 33/063 - Drivers' cabs movable from one position into at least one other position, e.g. tiltable, pivotable about a vertical axis, displaceable from one side of the vehicle to the other
  • B60W 60/00 - Drive control systems specially adapted for autonomous road vehicles
  • G05D 1/00 - Control of position, course, altitude, or attitude of land, water, air, or space vehicles, e.g. automatic pilot
  • G05D 1/02 - Control of position or course in two dimensions