Method and apparatus for improving range finding system readings

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16880644
Grant Number 11320523
Status In Force
Filing Date 2020-05-21
First Publication Date 2022-05-03
Publication Date 2022-05-03
Grant Date 2022-05-03
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
  • Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Ali
  • Zhang, Chen
  • Schweigert, Sebastian


Provided is a robot, including: a chassis; a set of wheels coupled to the chassis; at least one motor; at least one motor controller; a range finding system; a plurality of sensors; a processor; and a medium storing instructions that when executed by the processor effectuates operations including: measuring, with the range finding system, distances to surfaces opposite the range finding system as the robot moves relative to the surfaces; monitoring, with the processor, the distance measurements taken by the range finding system; discarding, with the processor, outlier distance measurements that reflect an interruption in otherwise steadily fitting distance measurements taken as the robot moves towards and away from surrounding obstacles; and determining, with the processor, a position of an obstacle by identifying a position of the range finding system immediately before and after encountering the obstacle, signified by the interruption detected in the distance measurements.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G01S 7/497 - Means for monitoring or calibrating
  • G01S 17/08 - Systems determining position data of a target for measuring distance only