Detachable robotic vacuum dustbin

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16186499
Grant Number 11064856
Status In Force
Filing Date 2018-11-10
First Publication Date 2021-07-20
Publication Date 2021-07-20
Grant Date 2021-07-20
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
  • Afrouzi, Ali Ebrahimi
  • Mehrnia, Soroush


A removable dustbin for a robotic vacuum that is wholly separable from all electronic parts thereof including a motor unit such that the dustbin, when separated from the electronic parts, may be safely immersed in water for quick and easy cleaning. The dustbin design further facilitates easy access to the motor for convenient servicing and repair.

IPC Classes  ?

  • A47L 9/14 - Bags or the like; Attachment of, or closures for, bags
  • A47L 11/40 - Parts or details of machines not provided for in groups , or not restricted to one of these groups, e.g. handles, arrangements of switches, skirts, buffers or levers