Method for developing navigation plan in a robotic floor-cleaning device

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16446574
Grant Number 11036230
Status In Force
Filing Date 2019-06-19
First Publication Date 2021-06-15
Publication Date 2021-06-15
Grant Date 2021-06-15
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
  • Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Ali
  • Fath, Lukas
  • Zhang, Chen


Included is a method of path planning for a robotic device, including: receiving, by a processor of the robotic device, a sequence of one or more commands; executing, via the robotic device, the sequence of one or more commands; saving the sequence of one or more commands in memory of the robotic device after a predetermined amount of time from receiving a most recent one or more commands; and re-executing the saved sequence of one or more commands.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G05D 1/02 - Control of position or course in two dimensions
  • G05D 1/00 - Control of position, course, altitude, or attitude of land, water, air, or space vehicles, e.g. automatic pilot