Vibrating air filter for robotic vacuums

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16015467
Grant Number 10765984
Status In Force
Filing Date 2018-06-22
First Publication Date 2020-09-08
Publication Date 2020-09-08
Grant Date 2020-09-08
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
Inventor Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Ali


A vibrating air filter of a robotic vacuum comprising an electromagnet, a permanent magnet and an air filter. The electromagnet may comprise a metal wire and a power source connected to a first end of the wire. The power source may deliver electric pulses in alternating directions through the wire creating an electromagnet. The metal wire may be coiled around or placed adjacent to the permanent magnet and a second end of the wire may be connected to an air filter. Interaction between the magnetic fields of the electromagnet and permanent magnet may cause vibration of the wire and hence connected filter. Vibration of the filter may loosen any dust and debris latched onto the filter that may be shed into a dust bin of the vacuum.

IPC Classes  ?

  • B01D 46/00 - Filters or filtering processes specially modified for separating dispersed particles from gases or vapours
  • A47L 9/10 - Filters; Dust separators; Dust removal; Automatic exchange of filters
  • A47L 9/28 - Installation of the electric equipment, e.g. adaptation or attachment to the suction cleaner; Controlling suction cleaners by electric means