Recharge station for mobile robot

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 15377674
Grant Number 10698411
Status In Force
Filing Date 2016-12-13
First Publication Date 2020-06-30
Publication Date 2020-06-30
Grant Date 2020-06-30
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
Inventor Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Ali


A recharge station for a mobile robot and method for navigating to a recharge station. Two signal emitters on the recharge station emit uniquely identifiable signals in two separate ranges. A mobile robot is configured to look for the signals with two signal receivers, a left receiver looking for the signals of the left emitter and a right receiver looking for the signals of the right receiver. Upon sensing the left emitter signals with the left receiver and the right emitter signals with the right receiver, the mobile robot is aligned with the recharge station. The mobile robot is configured to then drive forward until charging contacts on the mobile robot make contact with charging contacts on the recharge station.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G05B 15/00 - Systems controlled by a computer
  • G05B 19/00 - Programme-control systems
  • G05D 1/02 - Control of position or course in two dimensions
  • B25J 19/00 - Accessories fitted to manipulators, e.g. for monitoring, for viewing; Safety devices combined with or specially adapted for use in connection with manipulators
  • B60L 53/14 - Conductive energy transfer
  • B25J 9/00 - Programme-controlled manipulators