Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 17788361
Status Pending
Filing Date 2020-01-08
First Publication Date 2023-02-02
Publication Date 2023-02-02
Owner Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (USA)
  • Wu, Kuan-Ting
  • Chang, Chi Hao
  • Lin, Chien-Ting


This application describes covers for electronic devices, electronic devices, and methods for making the covers. In one example, described herein is a cover for an electronic device comprising: a substrate comprising a metal; a passivation layer or a micro-arc oxidation layer deposited on at least one surface of the substrate; a primer coating layer on the passivation layer or the micro-arc oxidation layer; an optional base coating layer on the primer coating layer; a top coating layer on the optional base coating layer or on the primer coating layer; and a hydrophobic coating layer.

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