Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 17403292
Status Pending
Filing Date 2021-08-16
First Publication Date 2022-03-03
Publication Date 2022-03-03
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
  • Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Ali
  • Fath, Lukas
  • Fitzgerald, Andrew
  • Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Amin
  • Highfill, Brian


Provided is a method for operating a robot, including: capturing images of a workspace; capturing movement data indicative of movement of the robot; capturing LIDAR data as the robot performs work within the workspace; comparing at least one object from the captured images to objects in an object dictionary; identifying a class to which the at least one object belongs; generating a first iteration of a map of the workspace based on the LIDAR data; generating additional iterations of the map based on newly captured LIDAR data and newly captured movement data; actuating the robot to drive along a trajectory that follows along a planned path by providing pulses to one or more electric motors of wheels of the robot; and localizing the robot within an iteration of the map by estimating a position of the robot based on the movement data, slippage, and sensor errors.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G05D 1/02 - Control of position or course in two dimensions
  • B25J 9/16 - Programme controls