Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16712820
Status Pending
Filing Date 2019-12-12
First Publication Date 2020-07-16
Publication Date 2020-07-16
Owner Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (USA)
  • Defaria, Christopher
  • Gewickey, Gregory I.
  • Smith, Michael
  • Ostrover, Lewis S.


An entertainment system provides data to a common screen (e.g., cinema screen) and personal immersive reality devices. For example, a cinematic data distribution server communicates with multiple immersive output devices each configured for providing immersive output (e.g., a virtual reality output) based on a data signal. Each of the multiple immersive output devices is present within eyesight of a common display screen. The server configures the data signal based on digital cinematic master data that includes immersive reality data. The server transmits the data signal to the multiple immersive output devices contemporaneously with each other, and optionally contemporaneously with providing a coordinated audio-video signal for output via the common display screen and shared audio system.

IPC Classes  ?

  • H04N 21/81 - Monomedia components thereof
  • H04N 21/422 - Input-only peripherals, e.g. global positioning system [GPS]
  • H04N 21/214 - Specialised server platform, e.g. server located in an airplane, hotel or hospital
  • H04N 21/2225 - Local VOD servers
  • H04N 21/433 - Content storage operation, e.g. storage operation in response to a pause request or caching operations
  • H04N 21/436 - Interfacing a local distribution network, e.g. communicating with another STB or inside the home