Adjustable gas block for an indirect gas operated firearm

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16653590
Grant Number 11029107
Status In Force
Filing Date 2019-10-15
First Publication Date 2020-09-17
Publication Date 2020-09-17
Grant Date 2021-06-08
Owner LWRC International LLC (USA)
Inventor Gomez, Jesus S.


A firearm including a barrel, receiver, indirect gas system and an adjustable gas block designed to interface with the indirect gas system is provided. Four indexable positions of adjustment are provided for on the adjustable gas block. Positions of adjustment are selected based on the use of a silencer, use of under-powered ammunition, the presence of un-burnt powder and debris in the host firearms operating system, or if the weapon is being fired under “ideal” circumstances. The provided gas block is designed to function with an indirect gas operating system. Excess gas from the operating system is not vented from the gas block thereby generating excess flash and sound. No tool is required to manipulate the adjustment mechanism of the gas.

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