Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16565347
Status Pending
Filing Date 2019-09-09
First Publication Date 2020-03-19
Publication Date 2020-03-19
Owner Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (USA)
  • Gewickey, Gregory I.
  • Ostrover, Lewis S.
  • Smith, Michael
  • Zink, Michael


Methods for digital content production and playback of an immersive stereographic video work provide or enhance interactivity of immersive entertainment using various different playback and production techniques. “Immersive stereographic” may refer to virtual reality, augmented reality, or both. The methods may be implemented using specialized equipment for immersive stereographic playback or production. Aspects of the methods may be encoded as instructions in a computer memory, executable by one or more processors of the equipment to perform the aspects.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G11B 27/036 - Insert-editing
  • H04N 13/117 - Transformation of image signals corresponding to virtual viewpoints, e.g. spatial image interpolation the virtual viewpoint locations being selected by the viewers or determined by viewer tracking
  • G11B 27/031 - Electronic editing of digitised analogue information signals, e.g. audio or video signals
  • G11B 27/11 - Indexing; Addressing; Timing or synchronising; Measuring tape travel by using information not detectable on the record carrier
  • H04N 13/388 - Volumetric displays, i.e. systems where the image is built up from picture elements distributed through a volume
  • H04N 13/344 - Displays for viewing with the aid of special glasses or head-mounted displays [HMD] with head-mounted left-right displays
  • H04N 13/25 - Image signal generators using stereoscopic image cameras using image signals from one sensor to control the characteristics of another sensor