Vacuum tool with multiple use blades

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16481403
Grant Number 11596284
Status In Force
Filing Date 2018-03-01
First Publication Date 2019-12-26
Publication Date 2019-12-26
Grant Date 2023-03-07
  • Martin, Jason Lee
  • Norell, Neil N.
  • Yurko, Michael Z.


A vacuum accessory may include a head including a head body defining an inlet and a fitting interface, the head body extending from a fitting interface to a base and enclosing a cavity. A fitting includes a fitting body symmetrically disposed about a longitudinal axis of the fitting. The fitting body defines a fitting inlet, an outlet, and a flow path connecting the fitting inlet and the outlet. The fitting is connected to the head at the fitting interface and a fluid flow path fluidly connects the inlet and the outlet. A blade is removably coupled to the head and at least partially disposed within the cavity of the head. The blade includes a flat blade body that is coplanar with a reference plane dividing the fitting body and containing the longitudinal axis of the fitting.

IPC Classes  ?

  • A47L 9/06 - Nozzles with fixed, e.g. adjustably fixed brushes or the like