Transforming audio content for subjective fidelity

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16453985
Grant Number 10700657
Status In Force
Filing Date 2019-06-26
First Publication Date 2020-05-21
Publication Date 2020-05-21
Grant Date 2020-06-30
  • Antonellis, Darcy
  • Ostrover, Lewis


A method or apparatus for delivering audio programming such as music to listeners may include identifying, capturing and applying a listener's audiometric profile to transform audio content so that the listener hears the content similarly to how the content was originally heard by a creative producer of the content. An audio testing tool may be implemented as software application to identify and capture the listener's audiometric profile. A signal processor may operate an algorithm used for processing source audio content, obtaining an identity and an audiometric reference profile of the creative producer from metadata associated with the content. The signal processor may then provide audio output based on a difference between the listener's and creative producer's audiometric profiles.

IPC Classes  ?

  • H03G 5/00 - Tone control or bandwidth control in amplifiers
  • H03G 9/00 - Combinations of two or more types of control, e.g. gain control and tone control
  • H03G 5/16 - Automatic control