Vacuum filter

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16226210
Grant Number 11510536
Status In Force
Filing Date 2018-12-19
First Publication Date 2019-07-11
Publication Date 2019-07-11
Grant Date 2022-11-29
  • Yurko, Michael Z.
  • Norell, Neil N.


A debris canister and filter assembly, which may be used in a vehicular vacuum cleaner, includes a debris canister having an inlet, an outlet, and a peripheral side wall. The peripheral side wall at least partially defines an interior space of the debris canister. A filter is disposed in the interior space of the debris canister, and includes filter media having a non-pleated portion and a pleated portion. The peripheral side wall forms a corner of the debris canister, and the filter media has a rounded-corner shaped to fit adjacent to the corner of the peripheral side wall.

IPC Classes  ?

  • A47L 9/12 - Dry filters
  • B01D 46/52 - Particle separators, e.g. dust precipitators, using filters embodying folded material
  • A47L 7/00 - Suction cleaners adapted for additional purposes; Tables with suction openings for cleaning purposes; Containers for cleaning articles by suction; Suction cleaners adapted to cleaning of brushes; Suction cleaners adapted to taking-up liquids
  • A47L 5/36 - Suction cleaners with hose between nozzle and casing; Suction cleaners for fixing on staircases; Suction cleaners for carrying on the back
  • B01D 46/24 - Particle separators, e.g. dust precipitators, using rigid hollow filter bodies
  • B60S 1/64 - Other vehicle fittings for cleaning for cleaning vehicle interiors, e.g. built-in vacuum cleaners
  • A47L 9/10 - Filters; Dust separators; Dust removal; Automatic exchange of filters
  • A47L 9/14 - Bags or the like; Attachment of, or closures for, bags
  • A47L 9/16 - Arrangement or disposition of cyclones or other devices with centrifugal action