Method and system for reducing drop-outs during video stream playback

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16214921
Grant Number 10779017
Status In Force
Filing Date 2018-12-10
First Publication Date 2020-06-11
Publication Date 2020-06-11
Grant Date 2020-09-15
  • Stratton, Tom
  • Lile, Shaun


An improved video streaming method and system that reduces video stream playback dropouts when video data flow from a server is degraded or interrupted. Two adaptive bitrate video streams of the content are operated in parallel with video quality that can be adjusted independently. The first stream receives data blocks at a rate generally concurrent with the video playback. The second stream receives data blocks in advance of the playback point and these blocks are buffered. The best available block is used during playback. Buffered second stream blocks can be used to continue playback when the network connection is compromised or interrupted.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G06F 15/16 - Combinations of two or more digital computers each having at least an arithmetic unit, a program unit and a register, e.g. for a simultaneous processing of several programs
  • H04N 21/234 - Processing of video elementary streams, e.g. splicing of video streams or manipulating MPEG-4 scene graphs
  • H04N 21/2381 - Adapting the multiplex stream to a specific network, e.g. an IP [Internet Protocol] network
  • H04L 29/06 - Communication control; Communication processing characterised by a protocol
  • H04N 21/44 - Processing of video elementary streams, e.g. splicing a video clip retrieved from local storage with an incoming video stream or rendering scenes according to MPEG-4 scene graphs