Method and apparatus for overexposing images captured by drones

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 15963710
Grant Number 10690457
Status In Force
Filing Date 2018-04-26
First Publication Date 2019-10-31
Publication Date 2019-10-31
Grant Date 2020-06-23
Owner AI Incorporated (Canada)
Inventor Ebrahimi Afrouzi, Ali


A device for nullifying images captured by drones utilizing a high power light to overexpose said images. One or more cameras installed in the device capture images of the area surrounding the device. Computer vision and deep learning are utilized to identify drones in the captured images. If a drone is identified, the location thereof is estimated. A high power light installed in the device is directed at the estimated location of the drone to overexpose any images that are being taken of the area around the device by the drone.

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  • G08G 5/00 - Traffic control systems for aircraft
  • G08B 25/14 - Central alarm receiver or annunciator arrangements
  • B64C 39/02 - Aircraft not otherwise provided for characterised by special use
  • H04W 4/02 - Services making use of location information
  • F41H 13/00 - Means of attack or defence not otherwise provided for
  • G06K 9/66 - Methods or arrangements for recognition using electronic means using simultaneous comparisons or correlations of the image signals with a plurality of references, e.g. resistor matrix references adjustable by an adaptive method, e.g. learning
  • H04N 5/232 - Devices for controlling television cameras, e.g. remote control
  • H04N 5/225 - Television cameras