Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 15940892
Status Pending
Filing Date 2018-03-29
First Publication Date 2018-10-04
Publication Date 2018-10-04
Owner Magic Leap, Inc. (USA)
Inventor Babu J D, Praveen


A method is disclosed, the method comprising the steps of receiving, from a first client application, first graphical data comprising a first node; receiving, from a second client application independent of the first client application, second graphical data comprising a second node; and generating a scenegraph, wherein the scenegraph describes a hierarchical relationship between the first node and the second node.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G06T 17/00 - 3D modelling for computer graphics
  • G06F 3/147 - Digital output to display device using display panels
  • G06T 15/00 - 3D [Three Dimensional] image rendering