Fan having housing formed by connectable pieces and including air guide ribs and an internal ramp

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 15925824
Grant Number 11359643
Status In Force
Filing Date 2018-03-20
First Publication Date 2018-09-20
Publication Date 2018-09-20
Grant Date 2022-06-14
  • Seasholtz, Craig A.
  • Martinez, David
  • Smith, Scott G.
  • Wolfe, Jr., Melvin E.


A fan having a housing including a front piece that is separable but connectable to a back piece is disclosed. The front piece has a first connecting edge and a downstream edge, and the back piece has a second connecting edge and an upstream edge. The second connecting edge is configured to be connected to the first connecting edge. The fan may include a handle, the handle having a first portion integral with the front piece and a second portion integral with the back piece, the first portion configured to be connected to the second portion. The fan may further include air guide ribs provided on an interior surface of the housing and/or a ramp that starts at a location downstream of the upstream edge of the housing and ends at the downstream edge of the housing.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F04D 29/54 - Fluid-guiding means, e.g. diffusers
  • F04D 19/00 - Axial-flow pumps specially adapted for elastic fluids
  • F04D 29/70 - Suction grids; Strainers; Dust separation; Cleaning
  • F04D 29/64 - Mounting; Assembling; Disassembling of axial pumps
  • F04D 29/56 - Fluid-guiding means, e.g. diffusers adjustable
  • F04D 29/52 - Casings; Connections for working fluid for axial pumps
  • F04D 25/08 - Units comprising pumps and their driving means the working fluid being air, e.g. for ventilation