Rifle charging handle

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 14579704
Grant Number 09377258
Status In Force
Filing Date 2014-12-22
First Publication Date 2015-10-29
Publication Date 2015-10-29
Grant Date 2016-06-28
Owner LWRC International LLC (USA)
Inventor Gomez, Jesus S.


An ambidextrously operated charging handle for use with the M16 family of firearms is provided. The charging handle provides a latch mechanism consisting of two extended handles which are in operational communication with each other. Either handle may be independently retracted to disengage the latch mechanism of the charging handle from the host firearms receiver. The spring-biased mechanism of the charging handle is sheltered within the interior of the charging handle thereby protecting it from the elements. Further, an improved axial pin has been provided to secure the handles of the latch mechanism to the grasping portion of the charging handle.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F41A 3/72 - Operating handles or levers; Mounting thereof in breech-blocks or bolts
  • F41A 7/00 - Auxiliary mechanisms for bringing the breech-block or bolt or the barrel to the starting position before automatic firing; Drives for externally-powered guns; Remote-controlled gun chargers
  • F41A 35/06 - Adaptation of guns to both right and left hand use