Bolt carrier and bolt for gas operated firearms

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 13841618
Grant Number 08844424
Status In Force
Filing Date 2013-03-15
First Publication Date 2014-04-03
Publication Date 2014-04-03
Grant Date 2014-09-30
Owner LWRC International LLC (USA)
Inventor Gomez, Jesus S.


An improved bolt and bolt carrier with integral gas key having an extension nozzle threadedly secured and pinned to the gas key for use with a direct gas operated firearm is provided. The extension nozzle is designed to receive a portion of the host firearms gas operating system. The firing pin retaining pin is oriented so as to expose its widest profile to the firing pins annular flange, increasing its service life. The bolt has a plurality of lugs extending from its forward end and an extractor recess. The extractor recess is constructed to accommodate an enlarged extractor claw while not undercutting the bolt lugs adjacent thereto. The extractor engages approximately 57% more of a seated ammunition cartridges rim as compared to some prior art AR15/M16 type extractors used with automatic firearms chambered in 6.8 SPC. The result is an improved bolt and bolt carrier which provides for increased operational reliability.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F41A 15/12 - Cartridge extractors, i.e. devices for pulling cartridges or cartridge cases at least partially out of the cartridge chamber; Cartridge ejectors, i.e. devices for throwing the extracted cartridges or cartridge cases free of the gun for bolt-action guns