Vacuum cleaner with screen cage

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 13454251
Grant Number 09198552
Status In Force
Filing Date 2012-04-24
First Publication Date 2013-10-24
Publication Date 2013-10-24
Grant Date 2015-12-01
  • Wolfe, Melvin E.
  • Buss, Randy L.
  • Liu, Li H.


A vacuum cleaner has a screen cage that is permanently attached to a lid that fits on a receptacle. The screen cage has multiple layers of screens with different screen sizes, including an inner support that has greater rigidity and larger apertures that the primary screen, and an outer screen that also has greater rigidity and larger apertures than the primary screen, and is made of a different material than the support. A replaceable filter mounts to a power head that can be removed from the lid while the lid remains attached to the receptacle, and nests in the screen cage. A thermal cutoff shuts the vacuum cleaner off when the temperature of air in a part of the flowpath exceeds a limit.

IPC Classes  ?

  • A47L 9/12 - Dry filters
  • A47L 7/00 - Suction cleaners adapted for additional purposes; Tables with suction openings for cleaning purposes; Containers for cleaning articles by suction; Suction cleaners adapted to cleaning of brushes; Suction cleaners adapted to taking-up liquids