Vacuum cleaner with noise reduction recesses

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 13450068
Grant Number 09003600
Status In Force
Filing Date 2012-04-18
First Publication Date 2013-10-24
Publication Date 2013-10-24
Grant Date 2015-04-14
Owner Shop Vac Corporation (USA)
  • Norell, Neil N.
  • Yurko, Michael Z.


A new vacuum cleaner that is adapted for use in a vehicle has a user-removable debris collection tank that has spaced recesses on the bottom that inhibit both fore-and-back movement of debris within the collection tank and side-to-side movement of debris within the collection tank. The recesses are located in opposed outer corners of the tank, and have lower surfaces that support the tank in a standing position. Raised sections divide each of the recesses into two corner recess sections and an offset recess section, and inhibit both fore-and-aft movement of debris within the recesses and side-to-side movement of debris within the recess sections. The offset recess section has tracks that curve in different directions from an intermediate position adjacent or near a side of the tank. The bottom of the tank is generally curved downwardly towards the sides of the tank.

IPC Classes  ?

  • A47L 9/14 - Bags or the like; Attachment of, or closures for, bags
  • A47L 9/00 - DOMESTIC WASHING OR CLEANING; SUCTION CLEANERS IN GENERAL - Details or accessories of suction cleaners, e.g. mechanical means for controlling the suction or for effecting pulsating action; Storing devices specially adapted to suction cleaners or parts thereof; Carrying-vehicles specially adapted for suction cleaners