Adjustable base for an optic

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 13425000
Grant Number 08448374
Status In Force
Filing Date 2012-03-20
First Publication Date 2012-12-20
Publication Date 2012-12-20
Grant Date 2013-05-28
  • Samson, William
  • Correa, Rafael


A gun sight base which is designed to allow the user to quickly adjust the elevation of the attached gun sight as a means to affect the trajectory of a projectile discharged from the host firearm. Provided is a removable, pre-calibrated adjustment cam which is in operational contact with the attached gun sight. A distance indicator is visible to the user to allow for rapid elevation adjustments without the need for tools.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F41G 1/387 - Mounting telescopic sights on smallarms