Method and apparatus for logging and reporting television viewing

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 12841978
Grant Number 08776100
Status In Force
Filing Date 2010-07-22
First Publication Date 2010-11-18
Publication Date 2010-11-18
Grant Date 2014-07-08
Owner ClearPlay, Inc. (USA)
Inventor Jarman, Matthew T.


A multimedia logging and reporting system and method involves first obtaining some viewing information about a multimedia presentation such as a television program. The viewing information may be a name of the program and the time it was being watched on the television or may include other information depending on the multimedia, the device used for viewing the multimedia as well as other factors. The viewing information is recorded and then used to generate a viewing report, an example being a display on a television screen that lists a particular user, the time and name of the programs watched on any given day.

IPC Classes  ?

  • H04H 60/33 - Arrangements for monitoring the users' behaviour or opinions