Apparatus, system and method for associating one or more filter files with a particular multimedia presentation

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 12761293
Grant Number 08861939
Status In Force
Filing Date 2010-04-15
First Publication Date 2010-08-05
Publication Date 2010-08-05
Grant Date 2014-10-14
Owner ClearPlay, Inc. (USA)
Inventor Jarman, Matthew T.


A method, apparatus, computer program product and computer accessible code configured to link or otherwise associate content filters with a multimedia presentation, e.g., a movie. The content filter data includes an identifier value with an aspect ratio identifier or as a function of an aspect ratio for a particular multimedia presentation associated with the filter information. In one implementation, association between a filter set and a multimedia presentation involves a filtering application that searches a particular multimedia presentation to locate aspect ratio information and further searches filter information for a matching aspect ratio identifier.

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  • H04N 5/84 - Television signal recording using optical recording
  • H04N 5/89 - Television signal recording using holographic recording
  • G11B 27/10 - Indexing; Addressing; Timing or synchronising; Measuring tape travel
  • G11B 27/32 - Indexing; Addressing; Timing or synchronising; Measuring tape travel by using information detectable on the record carrier by using information signals recorded by the same method as the main recording on separate auxiliary tracks of the same or an auxiliary record carrier