Multimedia content navigation and playback

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 11736359
Grant Number 10313744
Status In Force
Filing Date 2007-04-17
First Publication Date 2007-08-09
Publication Date 2007-08-09
Grant Date 2019-06-04
Owner Clearplay, Inc. (USA)
Inventor Jarman, Matthew T.


In accordance with the present invention, a filtering process is based on the output side of a multimedia decoder. A navigator monitors the current play position of the multimedia content and compares that position with navigation objects. Each navigation object defines a start position, a stop position, and an filtering action to perform on the portion of the multimedia content that begins at the start position and ends at the stop position. When the current play position falls within the portion of multimedia content defined by a particular navigation object, the navigator activates the filtering action that was assigned to the navigation object. Filtering actions include skipping, muting, reframing, etc., the portion of multimedia content defined by a navigation object. A variety of systems may be used to implement the present invention, such as computer systems (consumer and server), television systems, and audio systems.

IPC Classes  ?

  • H04N 7/16 - Analogue secrecy systems; Analogue subscription systems
  • H04N 21/439 - Processing of audio elementary streams
  • H04N 5/85 - Television signal recording using optical recording on discs or drums
  • H04N 21/426 - Internal components of the client
  • H04N 21/432 - Content retrieval operation from a local storage medium, e.g. hard-disk
  • H04N 21/433 - Content storage operation, e.g. storage operation in response to a pause request or caching operations
  • H04N 21/4402 - Processing of video elementary streams, e.g. splicing a video clip retrieved from local storage with an incoming video stream or rendering scenes according to MPEG-4 scene graphs involving reformatting operations of video signals for household redistribution, storage or real-time display
  • H04N 21/45 - Management operations performed by the client for facilitating the reception of or the interaction with the content or administrating data related to the end-user or to the client device itself, e.g. learning user preferences for recommending movies 
  • H04N 21/454 - Content filtering, e.g. blocking advertisements
  • H04N 21/4545 - Input to filtering algorithms, e.g. filtering a region of the image
  • H04N 21/84 - Generation or processing of descriptive data, e.g. content descriptors
  • H04N 21/845 - Structuring of content, e.g. decomposing content into time segments