Composition and methods for injection of sealants into air conditioning and refrigeration systems

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 10860646
Grant Number 07296423
Status In Force
Filing Date 2004-06-04
First Publication Date 2005-12-08
Publication Date 2005-12-08
Grant Date 2007-11-20
  • Appler, Paul
  • Brass, Jack
  • Cranton, George E.


The use of sealants based on organosilanes for refrigeration and air conditioning systems is made possible by control of the rate of introduction and viscosity of the sealant mixture within certain ranges. An appropriate choice of organosilane sealant is made to allow effective sealing of small pinhole size leaks in the air conditioning or refrigeration system. The organosilane is then combined with a miscible lubricant at particular ratios to provide the proper mixture viscosity for injection into the refrigerant system to prevent bearing seizure. Specific orifice sizes are selected for an apparatus to ensure that the composition is injected at the flow rates required to prevent liquid slugging and subsequent compressor shutdown or failure. In addition, effective introduction of the mixture requires certain procedures be performed. Injection procedures are also described that prevent temporary or catastrophic equipment shutdown.

IPC Classes  ?

  • C09K 5/04 - Materials undergoing a change of physical state when used the change of state being from liquid to vapour or vice-versa
  • F25B 43/02 - Arrangements for separating or purifying gases or liquids; Arrangements for vaporising the residuum of liquid refrigerant, e.g. by heat for separating lubricants from the refrigerant