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Document Number 03145100
Status Pending
Filing Date 2020-06-08
Open to Public Date 2020-12-30
Publication Date 2020-12-30
  • Wu, Bo
  • Zhang, Xun
  • Zhang, Jian


The present invention relates to a base station antenna, comprising: a plurality of first radiating elements that are arranged as a first vertically-extending array; a plurality of second radiating elements that are arranged as a second vertically-extending array, where the second radiating elements are staggered in the vertical direction with respect to the first radiating elements; wherein phase centers in an azimuth plane for first sub-arrays of the first radiating elements are substantially the same as phase centers in the azimuth plane for respective third sub-arrays of the second radiating elements, and wherein the first sub-arrays each have a first number of first radiating elements and the third sub-arrays each have a second number of second radiating elements, the first number being different than the second number. This can effectively improve the pattern of the base station antenna.

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  • H01Q 1/24 - Supports; Mounting means by structural association with other equipment or articles with receiving set
  • H04W 88/08 - Access point devices
  • H01Q 21/00 - Antenna arrays or systems
  • H01Q 23/00 - Antennas with active circuits or circuit elements integrated within them or attached to them