Register CIPO Patent
Document Number 02998620
Status Pending
Filing Date 2018-03-20
Open to Public Date 2018-09-21
Publication Date 2018-09-21
  • Yurko, Michael Z.
  • Norell, Neil N.


A vacuum cleaner configured to be mounted in a vehicle. The vacuum cleaner includes a vacuum module configured to draw a vacuum, and a collector module configured to collect debris, the collector module having an accessible portion and a liner. A duct operatively couples the vacuum module to the collector module. In addition, a release member is disposed on the top portion of the collector module and is moveable between a resting position and a release position. A locking bar is in contact with the release member and has a portion adapted to engage the liner of the collector module when the release member is in a resting position. Upon actuating the release member towards the release position, the release member moves the portion of the locking bar out of engagement with the liner and the collector module is disengaged from the vacuum module.

IPC Classes  ?

  • A47L 9/00 - DOMESTIC WASHING OR CLEANING; SUCTION CLEANERS IN GENERAL - Details or accessories of suction cleaners, e.g. mechanical means for controlling the suction or for effecting pulsating action; Storing devices specially adapted to suction cleaners or parts thereof; Carrying-vehicles specially adapted for suction cleaners
  • A47L 7/00 - Suction cleaners adapted for additional purposes; Tables with suction openings for cleaning purposes; Containers for cleaning articles by suction; Suction cleaners adapted to cleaning of brushes; Suction cleaners adapted to taking-up liquids
  • B60S 1/64 - Other vehicle fittings for cleaning for cleaning vehicle interiors, e.g. built-in vacuum cleaners