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Document Number 02884517
Status In Force
Filing Date 2007-12-21
Open to Public Date 2008-06-24
Publication Date 2008-06-24
Grant Date 2017-01-24
Inventor Klipstein, Donald L.


An LED work light, which includes: a handle section, a head section, a plurality of LEDs mounted in the head section; and means for the plurality of LEDs to receive electrical power, wherein each LED within the plurality of LEDs is associated with a lens that is located forward of its associated LED, and a diffuser is located forward of each LED and close to each LED, so that each LED produces an illuminated spot on the diffuser, the lens associated with each LED in the plurality of LEDs foBENrms a beam by projecting an image of the illuminated spot on the diffuser, wherein all of the said lenses associated with the LEDs in the plurality of LEDs form beams that merge together to form a useful combined beam.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F21L 14/02 - Electric lighting devices without a self-contained power source, e.g. for mains connection capable of hand-held use, e.g. inspection lamps
  • F21K 9/00 - Light sources using semiconductor devices as light-generating elements, e.g. using light-emitting diodes [LED] or lasers
  • F21K 9/69 - Optical arrangements integrated in the light source, e.g. for improving the colour rendering index or the light extraction - Details of refractors forming part of the light source
  • F21V 5/04 - Refractors for light sources of lens shape