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Document Number 02756472
Status In Force
Filing Date 2011-10-31
Open to Public Date 2013-04-30
Publication Date 2013-04-30
Grant Date 2020-01-21
  • Whitfield, Robert T.
  • Klipstein, Donald L.
  • Brass, Jack


A work light having a work light body including handle section and light head section, an elongate housing, a battery compartment and a component chamber longitudinally aligned within the housing, a battery, an LED circuit board assembly extending longitudinally within the housing and having a substrate layer, an external component layer on a first side of the substrate layer, and a driving component layer on an opposing second side of the substrate layer. Overlapping portion of the LED circuit board assembly in close proximity to the battery. Also, at least one LED on the external component layer, the external component layer facing transaxially outwardly from the housing such that light emitting from the LED emits from the light head section. At least one driving component on the driving component layer, all driving components placed on an extending portion of the LED circuit board assembly over the component chamber.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F21L 4/04 - Electric lighting devices with self-contained electric batteries or cells characterised by provision of a light source housing portion adjustably fixed to the remainder of the device
  • F21V 29/70 - Cooling arrangements characterised by passive heat-dissipating elements, e.g. heat-sinks
  • F21K 9/00 - Light sources using semiconductor devices as light-generating elements, e.g. using light-emitting diodes [LED] or lasers
  • F21K 9/69 - Optical arrangements integrated in the light source, e.g. for improving the colour rendering index or the light extraction - Details of refractors forming part of the light source
  • F21L 4/08 - Electric lighting devices with self-contained electric batteries or cells characterised by means for in situ recharging of the batteries or cells
  • H02J 7/00 - Circuit arrangements for charging or depolarising batteries or for supplying loads from batteries