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Document Number 02615567
Status In Force
Filing Date 2007-12-19
Open to Public Date 2008-06-20
Publication Date 2008-06-20
Grant Date 2016-02-16
Inventor Klipstein, Donald L.


LED lamp has LEDs aimed rearwards with either a concave mirror to the rear of each LED, or one concave mirror to the rear of two or more LEDs, collecting the light from the LEDs to form a forward projecting beam. LEDs may be high power types that require heatsinking. LED lamp may have a lens forward of each LED to collimate the radiation produced by the LEDs into a beam, where at least one lens has at least one aspheric curved surface. LED lamp may have a transparent reflective optic to collimate the radiation produced by each LED into a beam. LEEDs mounted to heatsink mount with spokes and ring to support LEDs in place above mirror and conduct away heat.

IPC Classes  ?

  • F21V 7/04 - Optical design
  • F21V 29/70 - Cooling arrangements characterised by passive heat-dissipating elements, e.g. heat-sinks
  • F21K 9/00 - Light sources using semiconductor devices as light-generating elements, e.g. using light-emitting diodes [LED] or lasers
  • F21L 4/00 - Electric lighting devices with self-contained electric batteries or cells
  • F21L 14/02 - Electric lighting devices without a self-contained power source, e.g. for mains connection capable of hand-held use, e.g. inspection lamps
  • F21V 7/10 - Construction